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Matlin Creative Can Help You With Company/Product Name Creation, Logo Design, Jingle Creation and Corporate Branding To Make Sure Your...

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Other marketing agencies are focused on awards. Matlin Creative focuses on your success.

What makes Matlin Creative unique is our actual business experience. As founder of AlarmForce, Canada’s most successful and well-known home alarm company, Matlin Creative Chairman Joel Matlin grew that company into the one of the most highly recognized brands in Canada, worth over $130 million.

What made AlarmForce successful? Effective, direct to consumer marketing, which was created and implemented in-house by Joel and Adam Matlin, the founders of Matlin Creative!

At Matlin Creative, we want to grow your company by creating successful, dynamic, multimedia marketing campaigns. From corporate branding and logo creation, to fully developed and produced radio, television and print campaigns, Matlin Creative can handle all your company’s marketing needs.

Matlin Creative is also a full service digital marketing agency, and can handle all aspects of your online presence and advertising, including the creation and maintenance of top of class social media campaigns.

We know how to grow your business.

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