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Joel Matlin and Adam Matlin founded Matlin Creative in October 2013

Unlike other marketing agencies, Matlin Creative is unique in that its founders have many years of real business experience building and growing companies through direct marketing.

Together, Matlin Creative President Adam Matlin and Chairman Joel Matlin have over 55 years working as senior executives in the corporate world. Experts in direct marketing and sales, Adam and Joel have grown companies organically through the creation of various effective marketing campaigns, and have experienced, first hand, what it takes to make their own companies successful.

Joel Matlin, Chairman – Matlin Creative
Email: joelmatlin@matlincreative.com
Twitter: @joelmatlin

As Founder/President/CEO of AlarmForce, Joel Matlin, grew the company into the most recognizable home security company in Canada, worth over $130 million and with over $50 million in annual sales. Joel is regarded as one of the most trusted and respected entrepreneurs in Canada, and is a leading figure in the world of sales and marketing. The phrase: “I’m Joel Matlin, President of AlarmForce” was one of the best known in the history of Canadian television and radio marketing – a testament to Joel’s stature as a nationally recognized business figure. Featured often on radio and television and in various newspaper articles, Joel Matlin is highly regarded as an industry leader throughout Canada and the United States.

Before starting AlarmForce, Joel was Founder and President of Frisco Bay Industries, one of Canada’s largest security system integrators and bank surveillance and automation suppliers. Frisco Bay was sold to Stanley Black and Decker for $45 million USD.

Joel brings his impressive business acumen to Matlin Creative, and looks forward to helping grow your company into an enormous success, far bigger than you could ever imagine.

Adam Matlin, President and CEO – Matlin Creative
Email: adammatlin@matlincreative.com
Twitter: @adammatlin4

Throughout Adam Matlin’s years working as the VP of Sales and Marketing at AlarmForce, the AlarmForce brand was widely regarded as the strongest in the North American home alarm industry. This feat is especially impressive, considering that all marketing efforts were created and managed by the in-house AlarmForce marketing agency. Handling an annual budget of over $17 million,  Adam wrote and produced all of AlarmForce’s radio and television commercials, created the copy and designed the full print campaigns (newspaper, brochures, direct mailers), developed the AlarmForce online strategy and built and oversaw the company’s social media campaigns. Beyond that, Adam designed AlarmForce point of purchase kiosks, product packaging and together with Joel Matlin came up with multiple product names and logos including AlarmCare and VideoRelay. In addition, Adam was responsible for placing the full advertising media buys, personally negotiating all contracts. Adam also developed unique buying strategies to guarantee the lowest possible rates along with significant added value, far greater than any other agency could achieve.

Adam has been featured on numerous radio and television shows and in multiple newspaper columns. Adam graduated from University of North Carolina – Arts and studied at Wharton School of Business, Harvard Business School and Queen’s University. Before working at AlarmForce, Adam as a screenwriter and independent film producer in Los Angeles.

Adam looks forward to bringing his significant expertise to your marketing campaign.

To Contact Matlin Creative, call 416-650-9300 or email: info@matlincreative.com