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Grow Your Alarm Business With The Industries Most Successful Marketer!

Matlin Creative is a full service marketing and business consultation agency specializing in the security space. Founded by one of the best known names in security, Joel Matlin, the goal of Matlin Creative is to help alarm businesses grow through various direct selling and marketing strategies.

We know what it takes to grow your business!

Joel Matlin and the team at Matlin Creative have:

  • Sold Over 300,000 Alarm Systems Organically
  • Founded AlarmForce, Top Known Security Brand With Market Cap of $135,000,000 in 2013
  • Bought Over $100,000,000 of Media Without Using A Media Buyer (Radio, TV, Pricing, Internet)
  • Founder of Frisco Bay Industries (Sold To Stanley Black & Decker)
  • Developed Multiple Security Products and Effectively Brought Them to Market (Home Alarms, Video Systems, PERS)

Joel Matlin has never spoken publicly to the industry…Until Now! 

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2-Day Workshop:

Matlin Creative will work with you and your team, where we’ll help fine-tune your business to allow you to grow exponentially.

Day 1 is a confidential audit of your business. We hold thorough discussions with you and your key team members to understand your competitive advantages, marketing strategy, sales and customer services channels, installation procedures, organization structure and other business issues.

Day 2 we hold an interactive seminar/discussion, where we share our thoughts on sales and marketing. We show you how our philosophies can work within your business model. We highlight what is working in your business and how with a few changes certain things that currently may not be effective can be fixed. We’ll give you ideas on marketing and sales initiatives and what media would help you grow your sales opportunities. This round-table discussion allows you to pick our brains on how to best grow your business.

A 2-Day consultation is a fantastic way to get your business in the perfect spot to allow for future growth opportunites.

Price: $9,995 + Tax + Travel


A consultation is a 1-hour in person/over the phone meeting where we discuss any security matter. These discussions are 100% confidential, where you can use our brainpower and expertise however you wish. These consultations are a cost effective way to get advice to further your business goals.

Price: $495/Hour + Tax

Ongoing Marketing/Business-Consulting Partnerships:

As a full service marketing and business-consulting firm, Matlin Creative works with various businesses in an ongoing basis to help them maximize their growth opportunities. Each partnership is unique, and we treat every company we work with as if we were stakeholders.

We know what it takes to grow your company.

An ongoing partnership allows us to not only develop and implement marketing strategies but also monitor their effectiveness as they run. We can make any changes if necessary and add to them when needed.Beyond that Matlin Creative can help with your business operations, because without effective operational directives even the most effective marketing campaigns will ultimately result in failure.

Unlike other marketing or business consulting agencies, we know how to make your company thrive as we’ve done it before in the security space. Now we want to do it for your company!

To see how your company can work with Matlin Creative on an ongoing basis, contact Matlin Creative at 416-650-9300.

To Contact Matlin Creative, call 416-650-9300 or email: info@matlincreative.com