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The Worst Bus Ad In Canada – Toronto Hyundai

With the right copy, bus ads are an effective marketing vehicle (hahaha). But seriously folks, exterior transit ads are an efficient way to convey a concise message to a broad audience. Unlike traditional OOH (Out Of Home) marketing, mobile transit ads allow many people throughout multiple areas of your chosen city see your ad. Hard to avoid, bus ads can be a fantastic way to hammer across a simple message. Home repair companies and personal injury firms are two examples of companies that have had success marketing through this medium. They’ve done it by using creative that is simple and concise. A successful waterproofing company had the caption “Wet Basement?”. A personal injury law firm used the line “Hurt In A Car?”. Easy to understand with few words, these messages have resulted in a great return on investment. But with every effective bus ad are three that fail to use…

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3 Things To Avoid In Your Radio Commercial

Radio is an incredibly powerful marketing medium. I’ve seen first hand its power through various marketing campaigns I’ve been a part of. However, not all radio ads are created equal. Here are three tips that will increase the effectiveness of your radio advertisement: – Lose The Music Bed Many radio commercials incorporate a music bed while a pitchman is talking. The marketing team puts the music bed to make the commercial exciting, but actually 9 out of 10 times the music is distracting. Instead of engaging the listener, the music bed actually draws attention away from the message and toward the music. While background music is intended to enhance the mood of the spot, in reality it drowns out the copy and disengages the listener. This will put everything into context. Go to a seminar where there’s a speaker on stage. It could be a medical seminar, a round table…

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How Can You Market Without A Budget?

Frequently I’m asked how a company can start a marketing campaign without a marketing budget. It’s not hard to understand that a marketing budget increases the potential potency of a campaign, allowing you to use media that aren’t otherwise accessible. A marketer can still get a message out without spending any dollars… but it’s a hell of a lot more difficult. The internet makes it easier to market without a budget. Social media lets everyone disseminate their message, albeit on a micro scale. Social media sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram allow a marketer to spread messages and images, which can in return lead to sales and increased branding – the two goals of marketing. The reality though is that these efforts take increased time and focus. So while you may not be spending literal dollars on your campaign, you will be spending increased time and effort.…

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What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

You want to start a marketing campaign. The time is right, you have the funds (and the courage) and you’re ready to go. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now ask yourself this very important question: What is your company’s competitive advantage? Do you know the answer? What makes your company different from your competitors? What makes you a competitive choice? It could be the value proposition, a proprietary piece of technology or history in the industry. If you own a restaurant it could be a special ingredient that makes your pizza taste better than others. Or it could be the fantastic ambiance and the fact your waitresses look like models. Or that fact that when every other restaurant is charging $15 for a plate of pasta, you’re charging $6. Whatever your competitive advantage, it will be the key ingredient to your marketing campaign. While the aesthetics of the campaign doesn’t…

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Are You Thinking Of Using A QR Code?

You’re on a first date and you contemplating bringing up the fact that you want kids so badly you don’t care if you have them out of wedlock… Or you’re a guy and you’re thinking about wearing your new pair of drop-crotch harem pants to work… Maybe you’re planning a relaxing vacation to Syria… Or better yet, you’ve decided to use a QR code in your next marketing campaign… Brace yourself because here comes the hammer of truth… DON’T!!! QR Codes are horrible. They’re like wearing stilettos while going on a hike, theoretically sexy but in truth silly and impractical. What is a QR Code? It’s a code that, when scanned by a smart phone, will lead the prospect to a marketing web page. See, in theory this is a great idea. Scan the code and then viola, information on a company or product instantly. The problems with QR Codes…

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