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Why Advertising Awards Don’t Tell Us Anything

In the fall of 2012, AlarmForce considered offloading some marketing responsibilities (we ultimately decided against it), so I invited a few marketing agencies to meet with me and pitch for the possible new business opportunity. Some of the big boys who came in for an interview/pitch were BBDO, Leo Burnett and Cossette. I was the belle of the ball. Each representative told me how great their agency was, and what fantastic things they could do for AlarmForce. They said that if we entrusted our advertising to their creative teams, they could enhance our brand and lead the company in a…

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What Do You Do When Your Endorser Gets Into Trouble?

You have a company in the middle of a marketing campaign. You’ve worked hard trying to create an effective campaign, which showcases your product or service. Early in the development process, you’ve decided that establishing an endorsement relationship with the right celebrity would be the perfect marketing marriage. And you were right. Things were going great. Until…. It was exposed that Dan Marino has a love child… Miley Cyrus pranced around stage in her skivvies and introduced the world to twerking… Russell Crowe attacked a concierge with a telephone… Chris Brown acted like Chris Brown. What do you do? In…

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I Love You, Radio

LL Cool J once said, “I can’t live without my radio”. Amen, LL! Preach on! I too cannot live without my radio. Radio, you’re there for me whenever I need you. If I’m lonely, you cradle me in a sea of R&B comfort. When I’m happy, you find a song for me to dance to while driving in my car. When I need stimulation, I can flip to a talk station and start arguing with the commentator. Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. With you I’m never alone. Television, print, PPC and social media, don’t feel bad; I…

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Put Him in a Marketing Campaign Immediately – P.K. SUBBAN

Sometimes we marketers don’t get it right. Collective gasp! We sometimes overlook the use of spectacular talent to endorse our products and services. While not all endorsers are good corporate fits, when they do work, they can be very good for business. There is a select talent pool beyond the usual endorsement suspects – dynamic people throughout the world of sports, entertainment and the public eye that would be great fits with certain companies but are unappreciated or under utilized. Well, I plan to correct this. It’s just my altruistic nature. So with that said, here is the first in…

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Why All Marketers Should Have (At Least Some) Business Experience

So you’re thinking of doing some marketing. Good idea. Business has been fine, but you want it to be great. You think a little advertising could help kick start sales, and how right you are. You’ve called in a few advertising agencies and they all sound capable, have said the right buzzwords and offered some creative ideas. You’re thinking about pulling the trigger and getting things going. But before you make any decisions, make sure you’ve asked all the right questions. Sadly, one question is rarely asked – has anyone on your campaign ever spent time actually working in the…

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