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What Are 5 Qualities Of A Great Leader?

Have you ever had a boss who inspired you to do your job as best as possible? Someone who made you excited to come to work? Have you reported to a corporate leader who made you feel like a valued member of the team? Think of the greatest boss you’ve ever had. It’s not often we get the opportunity to work at a company headed by a truly great leader, but when we do, that person leaves a lasting impression as they possesses traits that are beneficial to emulate. Great leaders come in all shapes, ages and backgrounds. Regardless of…

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Is Social Media Overrated?

I gotta ask, is social media overrated? Let the booing begin. Bring on the hate mail. Pencil in a unibrow and devil horns on my Linkedin picture. I’ve said the unthinkable. Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes would be saying to me right now, “Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout Adam?” Every marketing conference I go to, all everyone talks about is social media. How can we use social media effectively? Maximize the impact of our social media campaigns! Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, content marketing…. The list goes on and on. Here’s the thing, is social media the secret ingredient needed to turn any…

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Does A Marketing Agency Need A Creatively Designed Office To Thrive?

We love the idea of the marketing agency with the office that looks like a creative playground. A three-story slide, spray paint on the walls, and upside down office equipment – something the lovechild of Willy Wonka and Donny Deutsch would design. Here’s the question, does it really matter what a marketing agency’s office looks like? Can an agency excel creatively in an office space that doesn’t aesthetically ooze creativeness? Agencies like TBWA, Red Tettmer & Partners, Grip Ltd and various Leo Burnett offices worldwide all have various quirky and playful designs throughout their offices. Things like slides, desks that…

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Why Will Television Advertising Always Be Relevant and How Can You Maximize Your TV Marketing Campaigns?

TV advertising will soon become obsolete. That’s what I’ve been hearing from so-called marketing gurus. They say that as more people choose to turn off their TV’s, opting, instead, to use new media, advertising on traditional television will go the way of the dodo bird, Blockbuster Video and Tab Cola. To that I say…. Hogwash! (I was going to say Bullsh*t, but I’m a classy guy.) Regardless of the evolution of online usage, there will always be a place for television, which in turn means there will always be an opportunity for TV marketing. North Americans are addicted to television.…

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What’s Made GoDaddy A Marketing Success?

GoDaddy knows how to successfully market. Whether it’s the ongoing Danica Patrick campaign, or the new Jean-Claude Van Damme spots, GoDaddy has consistently created memorable ads, standing out from the crowd by constantly pushing boundaries. Some may say their ads are tasteless, overtly sexual or banal – I say they’re brilliant. In marketing, nothing is more important than being memorable and GoDaddy continuously accomplishes this massive task. GoDaddy.com is a domain registration and hosting site. Up until 2012, the in-house marketing team was tasked with trying to bring attention to a very unsexy type of business. Their answer, bring a…

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