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B Stands For Boring: Why The Microsoft Store Fails

Retailers have recently realized that shopping doesn’t have to be boring. If a store is interactive, complete with unique features and experiences that aren’t replicated elsewhere, the consumer will not only enter the store, but will stay longer and will be more likely to buy something. The Lego Store, The Disney Store, Tesla, Rainforest Cafe and the newest Burberry store, (http://bit.ly/1bmZ4Ky) all understand this concept. Go into any of these retailers, walk around, and you will see the multiple video screens, interactive displays and distinct to brand play areas. Pick out four families and time how long they stay. These…

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The Marketing Genius of Howard Stern

Howard Stern is a genius. Love him or hate him, never has a media icon had such long-standing success across multiple platforms. Howard Stern’s success continues to grow. Whether through his Sirius XM satellite radio program, his judging gig on America’s Got Talent, his Howard TV pay per view channel or his numerous television guest appearances, Howard Stern has created a brand that rivals that of any other major celebrity. The equity in the name Howard Stern is massive. By being the first radio host to really push the envelope and deliver content that challenged broadcasting boundaries, Howard became more…

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Why Do Target’s Canadian Stores Disappoint?

When was the last time you’ve been truly disappointed? Like the level of disappointment when you found out Santa Claus didn’t exist? Well for me it was the first time I went into a Canadian Target store. Such high expectations, such small returns. Yes Virginia, Target Canada sucks. If you’d ask what my three favorite places are, the answer would be “at home with my family, the beach on a beautiful, sunny day, and Target”. I love Target. It’s hands down my favorite place to shop. The US stores are amazing– open and well-branded, with a selection that surpassed any…

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Can A Successful Marketing Campaign Ever Be A Bad Thing?

We all market for the same reasons, to increase sales and branding for our companies. We spend millions of dollars and devote countless hours to getting our message heard (and remembered) by the masses. And then, when lightening strikes, the phones begin to ring with calls from interested customers. Mission accomplished, we’ve reached the Holy Land. The question is, can a successful marketing campaign ever be a bad thing? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Every company needs to have a solid foundation in order to succeed, and if that foundation isn’t sound, a successful marketing campaign can potentially cripple a…

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Why is Kmart’s “Show Your Joe” Campaign Good But Not Great?

Ah, the Holiday Season. Eggnog, Christmas trees, glad tidings. The time of year we think about our loved ones, celebrate and soak in the holiday spirit. And in the spirit of the holidays, here is Kmart’s brilliant Joe Boxer “Show Your Joe” Campaign – http://bit.ly/ILZgcQ Holy Jingle Bells, Batman! This ad was created by Draftfcb and has set YouTube on fire, generating over 15 million views. Creative, edgy and fun, Draftfcb and Kmart has created a viral hit. But as good as the ad is, it’s not perfect. The reason is simple – Kmart’s company logo and branding aren’t featured…

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