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Marketing Fail: Mazda CX-5 And Christine Sinclair

I’ve written in the past about the value of a celebrity endorser in a marketing campaign (What Is The Value Of Using A Celebrity Endorser? http://bit.ly/HdhsfF). When used properly, a celebrity can add credibility to your company, showcase it to a larger audience and attract attention that would otherwise be missed. However, when used improperly the opportunity, along with the money attached to make it happen are both wasted. With a poorly conceived or executed concept, all positives the company was hoping to achieve fall to the wayside. Such is the case with Mazda’s CX5 campaign. Christine Sinclair is one…

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If It Ain’t Broke….

Too often I’ve heard of companies that have had longstanding success with a jingle, slogan or logo, but, for whatever reason, the company decides to change it. Usually a new marketing agency or internal marketing executive is brought in and in an effort to prove their worth pushes to make major changes. Other times it’s the desire to create a new “fresh” update to the brand. We as marketers need to understand the value in creating a marketing plan that works. With marketing there are no guarantees, where even the most well planned campaign may not achieve the desired results.…

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