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Why Shouldn’t HR Become Buddies With Other Staff Members?

Though this is a marketing blog, it’s important to address the corporate culture of a business. In order for any marketing campaign to work, the atmosphere within the company needs to be healthy and positive. Corporate culture is the smell of the company, and a bad corporate culture can kill any positive marketing campaign. One thing that can cause a huge problem and soil a corporate culture is if Human Resources staff becomes too friendly with employees outside the HR department. Human Resources – the first people we meet when we’re hired and the last people we see when we’re…

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We’re Hiring – Mobile Application Developers

Are you a talented mobile app developer looking for a new opportunity working for an amazing company? Matlin Creative Wants You! We’re hiring mobile app developers for full time jobs at our North York office. Here are the details: The Mobile App Developer will create an app for both iOS and android operating systems, contributing to the development of the UI with a mind towards positive UX, as well as implement the design. In addition the applicant will need to develop the backend and have experience with doing it in the past. Having experience with Photoshop and illustrator is a…

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Why Is Vine An Inferior Marketing Medium?

Marketers love trying to incorporate new media into their marketing campaigns. Ego and the fear of overlooking something new, a big dose of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) leads marketers to test the latest methods of marketing. The problem is that not all marketing vehicles are created equal. Case in point: Vine. Vine is a mobile app that launched on Jan 24, 2013 on iOS and on June 2, 2013 on Android. Vine allows users to post 7 second videos, which are shown on a continuous loop, which are then shared with followers. It’s like Instagram with videos (which, due…

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