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If You’re Not Growing….

I was talking to someone from a nationally known company the other week. We were out for lunch and he was saying how things at the company were going alright. Not as good as last year, but still relatively decent. They’re in a very competitive space with lots of companies aggressively marketing. While they too are major marketers, as hard as they try the company is losing the strong foothold it once had. As opposed to adjusting their marketing efforts and creating a more impactful message, they figured the writing was on the marketing wall, so they decided to shift…

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What Makes #ALSIceBucketChallenge So Brilliant?

By now you’ve all heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. For those that haven’t, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign to raise awareness (and funds) for ALS research. A person nominates three others to participate at which time they have 24 hours to record themselves pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads or donate to ALS research. The challenge is then passed forward to new nominees. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in June 2014 and over the summer has helped raise over $100 million dollars for ALS research. Beyond that it has significantly raised awareness of…

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Which Is More Effective: Social Media Or Traditional Marketing?

Remember when it was sexy for a company to have a radio or TV commercial? Mass marketing was regarded as cutting edge. Only big companies dared to go on radio or television. Now the mystique of these two mediums has cooled and shifted to social media. Social media is awesome. The kids would say it’s swaggy or dope. Businesses get to talk directly with potential customers and market themselves unconventionally. You get to actually connect with the customer. With no shortage of social media platforms, more and more companies are placing a bigger emphasis on social media. Even the most…

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Marketing Fail: Mazda CX-5 And Christine Sinclair

I’ve written in the past about the value of a celebrity endorser in a marketing campaign (What Is The Value Of Using A Celebrity Endorser? http://bit.ly/HdhsfF). When used properly, a celebrity can add credibility to your company, showcase it to a larger audience and attract attention that would otherwise be missed. However, when used improperly the opportunity, along with the money attached to make it happen are both wasted. With a poorly conceived or executed concept, all positives the company was hoping to achieve fall to the wayside. Such is the case with Mazda’s CX5 campaign. Christine Sinclair is one…

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If It Ain’t Broke….

Too often I’ve heard of companies that have had longstanding success with a jingle, slogan or logo, but, for whatever reason, the company decides to change it. Usually a new marketing agency or internal marketing executive is brought in and in an effort to prove their worth pushes to make major changes. Other times it’s the desire to create a new “fresh” update to the brand. We as marketers need to understand the value in creating a marketing plan that works. With marketing there are no guarantees, where even the most well planned campaign may not achieve the desired results.…

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