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The Power Of Talk Radio

My undying love for radio is pretty well known. Though certain media “gurus” have tried to count radio out, the medium has proven resilient and refuses to die. While I’ve written past blogs about my ongoing love affair (I Love You Radio – http://bit.ly/180T7mh), there’s one format that is not only is my personal favorite, but also the strongest in regards to marketing: talk radio. Ah, talk radio. Sports, politics, general information, traffic and news – all the topics that anyone could want to hear about, and all available at the push of a button. With talk radio, you’re never…

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Why Is Social Media Perfect For Customer Service?

Marketers love social media. They love the fact they can have ongoing communication with potential customers. This continuing dialogue can highlight products and their value. A great marketing campaign can go viral and get in front of millions of people at a fraction of the price of a traditional marketing campaign. Social media can also be a black hole of wasted effort, where marketers devote a significant amount of time to social campaigns that don’t go viral or convert into paying customers. So, once we understand that social media is the great unknown, a place where companies don’t always get…

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What Makes More Sense: Advertising In The Super Bowl Or Putting Your Ad Dollars Elsewhere?

Super Bowl 2014 has come and gone. The game was a bust, unless you’re a Seahawks fan (which I am – hurray!), but really, who watches the Super Bowl for the game? Richard Sherman, Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson are all stars on the field, but as we all know, the real stars were the commercials shown throughout the big game. Super Bowl commercials come at a steep price. To get into this year’s game, each company paid approximately $4.5 million dollars. Mucho deniro, but the game gets your ad in front of a huge audience. Neilsen reported that this…

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How Do Marketing Agencies Buy Media Incorrectly?

Believe it or not, marketing agencies don’t always get things right. I think I may the first marketing agency president to make such a bold claim. The fact is, there are a certain things that most major agencies do that are counterproductive. One of them is the way they buy media for their clients. The majority of large agencies handle the media buying process incorrectly on multiple fronts. From who is planning and placing the media buy to how they bill their clients, marketing firms mismanage this part of the business. Here are some of the problems with how major…

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Matlin Creative – Laying The Marketing Smack Down

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