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Are You Thinking Of Using A QR Code?

You’re on a first date and you contemplating bringing up the fact that you want kids so badly you don’t care if you have them out of wedlock…

Or you’re a guy and you’re thinking about wearing your new pair of drop-crotch harem pants to work…

Maybe you’re planning a relaxing vacation to Syria…

Or better yet, you’ve decided to use a QR code in your next marketing campaign…

Brace yourself because here comes the hammer of truth… DON’T!!!

QR Codes are horrible. They’re like wearing stilettos while going on a hike, theoretically sexy but in truth silly and impractical.

What is a QR Code? It’s a code that, when scanned by a smart phone, will lead the prospect to a marketing web page. See, in theory this is a great idea. Scan the code and then viola, information on a company or product instantly.

The problems with QR Codes are multifold. First, in order to use a QR Code the user needs to download a QR Code reader onto their smartphone. This unto itself is a huge obstacle. Think about it. Prospect looks at a piece of marketing material they find interesting. They decide they want to get more information. Now they can either go to the website or they can load up their QR Code scanner and then scan the code on the ad. Which do you think they’re more likely to do?

99 out of 100 times they’ll simply go to the website. So if that’s the case, a marketer shouldn’t waste valuable space on their ad with a QR code. Plus there’s value in the customer remembering the company’s website. Branding, my dear, has tremendous value, remember? And with any print ad, you need to maximize every inch of the ad, and if the content isn’t showcasing your value proposition or furthering your selling or branding, then get rid of it.

Ever see a print ad with a just a big QR code in the middle? #Fail. The masochist in me kinda loves it, like the pain associated with plucking out a nose hair.

The moral of this blog is if you’re thinking of using a QR – don’t. Save yourself the effort and focus on creating fantastic content and design to maximize the marketing opportunity. Ignore gimmicks like QR Codes.

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