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How Can You Market Without A Budget?

Frequently I’m asked how a company can start a marketing campaign without a marketing budget. It’s not hard to understand that a marketing budget increases the potential potency of a campaign, allowing you to use media that aren’t otherwise accessible. A marketer can still get a message out without spending any dollars… but it’s a hell of a lot more difficult. The internet makes it easier to market without a budget. Social media lets everyone disseminate their message, albeit on a micro scale. Social media sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram allow a marketer to spread messages…

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Is Instagram A Viable Marketing Tool?

I was recently holding an audition for a client, where we were casting late teen/early twenty females. The client was heavily involved in social media, so we thought it would be interesting if, during the auditions, we asked each actress which social media platform they used most often. The one mentioned resoundingly was Instagram. Instagram is a social media site where users post pictures on their profiles that are shared with followers. Sites can be public or private. Each picture is tagged with keywords that let users sort through other pictures. For example, if I tag my picture with #tennis,…

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Does Size Matter: What Does The Number Of Twitter Followers A Brand Has Truly Tell Us?

Kim Kardashian is pretty darn popular, with close to 19 million followers on Twitter. That’s a lot of birthdays to remember. Not only do Kim’s followers get to be enlightened with tweets about her lunch dates with her “BFF”, but they also get to hear what her favorite makeup is and view Instagram picture after Instagram picture after Instagram picture… Ah, those Kardashians are the gift that keeps on giving. As marketers, we have to ask: what does Kim Kardashian get out of having so many followers on Twitter? What are the benefits? An audience of 19 million followers is…

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Why Is Vine An Inferior Marketing Medium?

Marketers love trying to incorporate new media into their marketing campaigns. Ego and the fear of overlooking something new, a big dose of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) leads marketers to test the latest methods of marketing. The problem is that not all marketing vehicles are created equal. Case in point: Vine. Vine is a mobile app that launched on Jan 24, 2013 on iOS and on June 2, 2013 on Android. Vine allows users to post 7 second videos, which are shown on a continuous loop, which are then shared with followers. It’s like Instagram with videos (which, due…

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I Love You Social Media (As Does The Rest of the Marketing World)

I’ve created a new drinking game. When I go to a marketing forum/conference, and the expert speaker mentions the importance of social media I down a shot. At the last conference I attended, I had to call a cab 3 minutes into the first presentation. Marketers sure love themselves some social media. We love that we can now engage directly with prospective customers. Look at all these new tools at our disposal: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Vine, Digg, Flickr…. We also have the tools to navigate through the endless sea of social: Google Analytics, Radian6, Buddy Media, ExactTarget, Wildfire…

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