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What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

You want to start a marketing campaign. The time is right, you have the funds (and the courage) and you’re ready to go. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now ask yourself this very important question: What is your company’s competitive advantage? Do you know the answer? What makes your company different from your competitors? What makes you a competitive choice? It could be the value proposition, a proprietary piece of technology or history in the industry. If you own a restaurant it could be a special ingredient that makes your pizza taste better than others. Or it could be the…

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Are You Thinking Of Using A QR Code?

You’re on a first date and you contemplating bringing up the fact that you want kids so badly you don’t care if you have them out of wedlock… Or you’re a guy and you’re thinking about wearing your new pair of drop-crotch harem pants to work… Maybe you’re planning a relaxing vacation to Syria… Or better yet, you’ve decided to use a QR code in your next marketing campaign… Brace yourself because here comes the hammer of truth… DON’T!!! QR Codes are horrible. They’re like wearing stilettos while going on a hike, theoretically sexy but in truth silly and impractical.…

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Why Do Marketers Need To Be Patient?

It’s hard to be patient. Ask any kid who’s been told to wait for ice cream. The same applies to anyone jumping into the wild world of marketing. We all want results and we want them fast, but the truth is that when marketing we must remember that good things come to those who wait. Too often marketers forget this. Here’s what happens: An entrepreneur gets the nerve to start a full marketing campaign and begin to spend money. They tell themselves that it’ll take awhile to see the fruits of their labors, but then, after a few weeks of…

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What 3 Things Will Make Your TV Commercial More Effective?

You paid a marketing agency a lot of money (in many cases too much money) to create a television campaign for your company. They developed a clever concept, arranged a big production, purchased a multi-station media buy, and made promise after promise about how your business was going to grow exponentially. Sometimes they’re right, boom goes the dynamite and your sales have increased tenfold. More often than not though, the end result is a minor short term increase in sales, followed by a nasty hangover where after the phone rang a bit all you’re ultimately left with is a fancy…

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How Important Is A Good Company Name?

The power of a good company, store or restaurant name is huge. A good name can be the difference between success and failure. The thing is that nobody sets out to name his or her company, store or restaurant poorly, which makes us have to ask what elements make a name good or bad? To find a proper name for your company, store or restaurant we need to understand what it does, what’s its general feel, and what audience are you trying to target. The goal is to stand out, but be loyal to your product/service. What is the image…

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