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The Worst Bus Ad In Canada – Toronto Hyundai

With the right copy, bus ads are an effective marketing vehicle (hahaha). But seriously folks, exterior transit ads are an efficient way to convey a concise message to a broad audience. Unlike traditional OOH (Out Of Home) marketing, mobile transit ads allow many people throughout multiple areas of your chosen city see your ad. Hard to avoid, bus ads can be a fantastic way to hammer across a simple message. Home repair companies and personal injury firms are two examples of companies that have had success marketing through this medium. They’ve done it by using creative that is simple and…

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Are You Thinking Of Using A QR Code?

You’re on a first date and you contemplating bringing up the fact that you want kids so badly you don’t care if you have them out of wedlock… Or you’re a guy and you’re thinking about wearing your new pair of drop-crotch harem pants to work… Maybe you’re planning a relaxing vacation to Syria… Or better yet, you’ve decided to use a QR code in your next marketing campaign… Brace yourself because here comes the hammer of truth… DON’T!!! QR Codes are horrible. They’re like wearing stilettos while going on a hike, theoretically sexy but in truth silly and impractical.…

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Why Is It Important To Always Think Like A Customer?

My father, Joel Matlin, is a very smart guy who’s had a good amount of success in various business ventures. The first thing he taught me about business was to always think like a customer. That mantra’s gotten him very far, and it’s one I try to incorporate in every business endeavour I take on. In regards to marketing that rule applies because all successful marketing ventures have been created with the customer in mind. As marketers, our goal for any campaign is to increase our clients’ sales and branding. We spend huge amounts of time constructing dynamic marketing campaigns…

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