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3 Things To Avoid In Your Radio Commercial

Radio is an incredibly powerful marketing medium. I’ve seen first hand its power through various marketing campaigns I’ve been a part of. However, not all radio ads are created equal. Here are three tips that will increase the effectiveness of your radio advertisement: – Lose The Music Bed Many radio commercials incorporate a music bed while a pitchman is talking. The marketing team puts the music bed to make the commercial exciting, but actually 9 out of 10 times the music is distracting. Instead of engaging the listener, the music bed actually draws attention away from the message and toward…

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What 3 Things Will Make Your Radio Commercial More Effective?

I’ve waxed poetic in multiple blog posts about my undying love for radio. I think the medium is incredibly powerful and is the foundation for a large number of my marketing spends. As effective as radio is as a marketing tool, the medium itself can only do so much. The commercial needs to be as effective as possible to maximize the medium. With that understanding, here are three things that will make your radio commercial as effective as possible. 1. Lose Your Music Bed (Or Change It) A large number of radio commercials have a music bed playing under a…

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