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3 Things To Avoid In Your Radio Commercial

Radio is an incredibly powerful marketing medium. I’ve seen first hand its power through various marketing campaigns I’ve been a part of. However, not all radio ads are created equal. Here are three tips that will increase the effectiveness of your radio advertisement: – Lose The Music Bed Many radio commercials incorporate a music bed while a pitchman is talking. The marketing team puts the music bed to make the commercial exciting, but actually 9 out of 10 times the music is distracting. Instead of engaging the listener, the music bed actually draws attention away from the message and toward…

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Which Is More Effective: Social Media Or Traditional Marketing?

Remember when it was sexy for a company to have a radio or TV commercial? Mass marketing was regarded as cutting edge. Only big companies dared to go on radio or television. Now the mystique of these two mediums has cooled and shifted to social media. Social media is awesome. The kids would say it’s swaggy or dope. Businesses get to talk directly with potential customers and market themselves unconventionally. You get to actually connect with the customer. With no shortage of social media platforms, more and more companies are placing a bigger emphasis on social media. Even the most…

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Pizza Nova – The Power Of A Jingle

I was out with my family this past weekend, having lunch at an Italian restaurant in midtown Toronto. After scarfing down his pizza, my 3-year-old son turned to me and asked “Dad, are we at Pizza Nova”? I smiled and say no, to which he replied “can we get Pizza Nova sometime”? I agreed then ask him how he knew about Pizza Nova, as it’s a pizza delivery chain that we’ve never ordered from before. He smiled and loudly belted out the Pizza Nova jingle – 4-3-9-0-0-0-0-PIZZA NOVA! Then it clicked. My wife drives my son all over the place…

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What Should You Beware Of With Media Buyers?

Buying media is an important part of your media campaign. Picking the right radio and television stations and is getting the best rates are essential. Hiring a media buyer or working with an agency that provides a media buying service is an easy and effective way to help maximize your media buy. But employing a traditional media buyer presents issues that you need to know upfront to ensure you’re working with the right company. It’s important to understand how typical media buyers work so that you can assess their value to your company. Most media buyers have junior staffers who…

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What 3 Things Will Make Your Radio Commercial More Effective?

I’ve waxed poetic in multiple blog posts about my undying love for radio. I think the medium is incredibly powerful and is the foundation for a large number of my marketing spends. As effective as radio is as a marketing tool, the medium itself can only do so much. The commercial needs to be as effective as possible to maximize the medium. With that understanding, here are three things that will make your radio commercial as effective as possible. 1. Lose Your Music Bed (Or Change It) A large number of radio commercials have a music bed playing under a…

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