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What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

You want to start a marketing campaign. The time is right, you have the funds (and the courage) and you’re ready to go. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now ask yourself this very important question: What is your company’s competitive advantage? Do you know the answer? What makes your company different from your competitors? What makes you a competitive choice? It could be the value proposition, a proprietary piece of technology or history in the industry. If you own a restaurant it could be a special ingredient that makes your pizza taste better than others. Or it could be the…

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Why Is It Important To Compensate Employees Fairly?

Everyone thinks they should be paid more. If I asked 10 people if they’re being properly compensated, I have no doubt that all of their responses would range between “Hello No” to “Yeah, but…”. This blog post isn’t about base pay. Fair base pay is a factor of experience, industry, position, and specialization. These are considerations that go beyond a blog post. One thing that needs to be fair is the additional pay incentives employees receive. Bonuses are a commonly used tool to motivate employees to exceed beyond the standard means of the job. When the bonus is well thought…

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How Important Is A Good Company Name?

The power of a good company, store or restaurant name is huge. A good name can be the difference between success and failure. The thing is that nobody sets out to name his or her company, store or restaurant poorly, which makes us have to ask what elements make a name good or bad? To find a proper name for your company, store or restaurant we need to understand what it does, what’s its general feel, and what audience are you trying to target. The goal is to stand out, but be loyal to your product/service. What is the image…

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3 Keys to Being Memorable – Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

In eleventh grade, we had to memorize a soliloquy from Hamlet and I couldn’t remember it. No matter what I did, nothing worked. I needed help, so I asked some friends for advice. One suggested that I think of visual cues to help it stick in my head. No, didn’t help at all. Another said put the words to music and it’ll stick in your head. Nope, no dice. So as a last resort I sat in my room for two nights straight and just repeated it over and over and over. I must have said it 400 times. And…

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