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How Can You Market Without A Budget?

Frequently I’m asked how a company can start a marketing campaign without a marketing budget. It’s not hard to understand that a marketing budget increases the potential potency of a campaign, allowing you to use media that aren’t otherwise accessible. A marketer can still get a message out without spending any dollars… but it’s a hell of a lot more difficult. The internet makes it easier to market without a budget. Social media lets everyone disseminate their message, albeit on a micro scale. Social media sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram allow a marketer to spread messages…

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What Makes #ALSIceBucketChallenge So Brilliant?

By now you’ve all heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. For those that haven’t, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign to raise awareness (and funds) for ALS research. A person nominates three others to participate at which time they have 24 hours to record themselves pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads or donate to ALS research. The challenge is then passed forward to new nominees. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in June 2014 and over the summer has helped raise over $100 million dollars for ALS research. Beyond that it has significantly raised awareness of…

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Which Is More Effective: Social Media Or Traditional Marketing?

Remember when it was sexy for a company to have a radio or TV commercial? Mass marketing was regarded as cutting edge. Only big companies dared to go on radio or television. Now the mystique of these two mediums has cooled and shifted to social media. Social media is awesome. The kids would say it’s swaggy or dope. Businesses get to talk directly with potential customers and market themselves unconventionally. You get to actually connect with the customer. With no shortage of social media platforms, more and more companies are placing a bigger emphasis on social media. Even the most…

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Case Study: BelVita #MorningWin Campaign

Does a good TV commercial automatically equal a successful marketing campaign? A good commercial is one that’s memorable – with the ultimate goal of leading to increased sales and branding. The problem is that often the TV commercial is part of a larger strategy that ends up bogging down the entire campaign. Case in point: BelVita #MorningWin. BelVita is a line of soft baked breakfast biscuits. Internally, the marketing team at Mondelez, the makers of BelVita, created the idea of Morning Wins. The concept was that instead of dreading the morning, find the little victories in it. They then teamed…

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The Problem With Hashtags

Certain things irk me. – People that drink soup on warm days – Motorists who don’t signal when changing lanes – Jerry O’Connell (Fat Stand By Me Jerry O’Connell doesn’t count) But the one thing that bothers me more than anything is when someone doesn’t use hashtags properly! Nails on the Chalkboard + Chewing Tinfoil + Knuckle Cracking = Hashtag Abuse For Adam. The point of hashtags is to be able to tag certain things on social media, which can then be sorted and found based on the tag. For example if I took a picture of a Bulldog puppy,…

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