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Why Us?

Why Matlin Creative?

Matlin Creative is a new type of marketing agency with the sole purpose of increasing your company’s sales and brand.

Other marketing agencies want to win awards for their campaigns. They seek accolades from the creative community, figuring that the awards from those campaigns will, in turn, help generate future business. At Matlin Creative, thanks to our extensive backgrounds in the world of business, we know that awards mean nothing. The only real gage for success is your company’s bottom line. Our philosophy makes Matlin Creative your best choice for all your marketing needs.

Joel Matlin founded one of the most recognizable companies in North America, AlarmForce. With his business acumen, and his son, Adam Matlin’s marketing savvy, they were able to grow AlarmForce to a $130 million dollar company, with approximately $50 million in annual sales.

At Matlin Creative, we know how to grow your company!

Traditionally, marketing agencies are fixated on their corporate aesthetics,with extravagant offices. At Matlin Creative, we believe in keeping our overhead low, so we can pass the savings on to our customers.We are a full service value-focused marketing agency, with the goal of increaseing your sales and branding at the most reasonable cost to you.

That’s just one of the differences between Matlin Creative and other marketing agencies. Here’s a list of more:

Other Agencies Matlin Creative
Focus On awards, not customer success. Awards will get them more business, your success is secondary. All we care about is increasing your business!
Business Experience None, or if they have had some it’s minimal. Almost all agency employees have only worked in the creative space, not giving them any real understanding of how companies work. Joel Matlin founded AlarmForce, Canada’s best known security company. Together Joel and Adam Matlin have over 55 years business experience, with great success growing companies and brands!
Who’s Buying Your Media Have junior staff doing the buying and negotiating, with no real leverage or understanding of negotiation. Senior management will negotiate your contracts, ensuring the absolute lowest rates for your campaigns!
Difference In Media Buy Campaign Strategy Junior staff uses inprecise data to decide which radio stations and TV shows to advertise on. No real understanding which will work best for your product/service. Senior management have bought over $120 million in advertising, and analyzes each TV and radio station/program in each market to deliver a high return plan maximizing your cost for best ROI!
Overhead High, expensive offices and tons of staff lead to higher overhead, which means they must charge you more. At most over 30% of revenue goes to simply paying rent. At Matlin Creative we operate lean and mean. Our low overhead means we can provide outstanding services at a fraction of the price.
Pricing Convoluted. Will try to confuse you with their prices, where you don’t know how much you’re spending for each service you’re receiving, resulting in spending more. Transparent. We’ll tell you how much each service costs, so you can make the most informed decisions on your marketing!
To Contact Matlin Creative, call 416-650-9300 or email: info@matlincreative.com